Welcome to my website. It's a place containing music and sounds I've made in my humble basement setup. Feel free to have a look around and download my stuff. If you plan to use any of it in something, please contact me first (email).


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11. March 2013
Guild Wars Factions - Luxon Theme played with a Roland Fantom XR

I've never played Guild Wars, but as I listened thru the soundtrack I was instantly intrigued by this track. Composed by Jeremy & Julian Soule for Guild Wars Factions. It is played with a patch(the SoulePad) I made on a Roland Fantom XR sound module, which is great for making complex and evolving, multi-layered pads.

15. August 2012
A Virus KB only version of the C64 Comic Bakery theme

The YouTube video
The Comic Bakery theme composed by Martin Galway played in one go using multi-mode on the Virus KB synthesizer.

10. April 2012
Roland JD-990 Single Patch track

The YouTube video
I picked up the SL-JD80-03 Rock Drums PCM card for my JD-990 and it sounds ok I guess, some of the samples sounds a bit close to the internal JD-990 samples but it ain't that bad. I decided to make some sort of a experimental techno track with the Rock Drums card and limited myself to only use the JD-990 for the track. As I was programming a drum patch I thought; heck, why not limit myself even further and make the whole track on a single patch. Each tone is appropriately sectioned over the keyboard:
Tone A: Internal Fat saw
Tone B: Rock Drums tom
Tone C: Rock Drums snare
Tone D: Rock Drums high hat

Recorded directly from the JD-990 in one shot. The Virus KB only acts as a controller.

12. February 2012
The hi-res Doom sound pack is updated

After more than 2 years since the last update, I finally managed to do a update for the hi-res Doom sound pack. More info here.