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The Doom tracks

Episode 1: Knee-Deep In The Dead

At Doom's Gate

Played in: e1m1


The Imp's Song

Played in: e1m2

A cool track. I once made a map for Doom which replaced e1m2 so this track reminds me of the map-making days with Doom. I am not totally satisfied with my version so I have to redo it later, but it'll do for now.

Dark Halls

Played in: e1m3

I made this track, but I don't use it in Doomsday - I use a track from something called 3D0 DOOM which I think is better than my version. The music from 3D0 Doom and other versions of Doom can be found here.

Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names)

Played in: e1m4

A short, simple and nice track based on Rise by Pantera. My version has a more electronic sound.


Played in: e1m5

This track has been on my website for a while now. The theatre organ is the Virus KB; the rest is mostly soundfonts and some D-50 effects. My brother thinks this entire track sounds like an intro to something and that was probably Bobby Prince's idea as he named it "Suspense".

On The Hunt

Played in: e1m6, e3m6


Sign of Evil

Played in: e1m8, e3m4

When you enter the last level of episode 1 in Doom and hear this track, you know you're in a world of hurt. A melancholy track which fits perfectly for this level as no matter what you do, you'll die in the end. That's a nice touch from id Software - making a bad ending in a game.

Hiding The Secrets

Played in: e1m9, e3m9


Episode 2: The Shores of Hell

I Sawed the Demons

Played in: e2m1


The Demons from Adrian's Pen

Played in: e2m2

After lots of tracks with orchestration of strings and more or less real sounds I wanted to do a full electro track. I've made it more rhythmic and a maybe a little more up beat than the original. Stuff used: Virus KB, D-50, JD-990 and Machinedrum.

Intermission from Doom

Played in: e2m3 and at the end of each level

Originally this track had guitars as the main sound, as quite a lot of other Doom tracks do. A sampled guitar usually sounds wrong so I've tried to use substitutes for guitars at different tracks. I thought I had a go at an overdriven organ here.

They're Going to Get You

Played in: e2m4

I don't like how this track develops so I modified it a little. It's more in harmony now, but that worked best while having the Mellotron flute (JD-990) as the main lead. The track gets demonized and brought back to the terrors of Doom when the synth pad comes in though.

Demons on the Prey

Played in: e1m7, e2m5, e3m5

I am picturing space marines humming as they march towards their doomed destiny; facing the demons from hell. A very dark and sinister track - perfect for Doom!


Played in: e2m6

The drums are a soundfont I made specifically for this track. The rest is a mixture of different synths.

Waltz of the Demons

Played in: e2m7, e3m7

Since this is a waltz I had to add a ompa-ompa tuba, played with the D-50.

Nobody Told Me about id

Played in: e2m8


Episode 3: Inferno


Played in: e2m9, e3m1


Donna to the Rescue

Played in: e3m2

Sorry, no guitars of any kind in this track - just synthesizers and funky drums!

Deep into the Code

Played in: e3m3

A track based on Behind the Crooked Cross by Slayer. I've slightly slowed down the MIDI to match Slayer's tempo and tried to make the Machinedrum drums sort of similar. The rest is Virus KB/D-50 sequence with a JD-990 preset lead.

Facing the Spider

Played in: e3m8



The Doom Intro

Played at the start of the game

I took a little artistic freedom in this one and extended it a little. The metal thump sound at the beginning was also used as a menu sound in PerQuake. Most of the FX stuff is the D-50 and the low bit rate noise is a little audible.


Played at the end of each episode

The crying lead is the patch from my Virus KB version of The China Overture I've modified the track a little by adding a end, and a magma ambience sound that acts as the loop bridge - I imagine it would sound something like this in the victory scene for episode two.


Played at the end of the game

This track is now a continuous loop of battle between good and evil as the birds slowly reappears at the end to make things alright again. This is Doom though, so most of that loop is occupied by evil.
I made the happy part with inspiration from another great game of the mid-90's; Discworld - love the music from that game! The pizzicato strings plays happily until the dreaded church organ takes over.