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The Doom 2 tracks

Running From Evil

Played in: map01, map15


The Healer Stalks

Played in: map02, map11, map17

I've always pictured this track with 80's style, so it was time to realize it. Virus KB bass, D-50 on pads, Synthex does brass of course and Machinedrum steps in as the LinnDrum. I've shortened it down a little, so that the salsa part is played more often.

Countdown to Death

Played in: map03, map21

I had a little trouble finding a main sound for this track. Tried different strings at first but it didn't sound right. I ended up with a theatre organ type sound - the same I used in e1m5, only modified a little. The pizzicato strings were changed to regular strings for a better mix.

Between Levels

Played in: map04

This busy, odd track would probably have worked better in Wolfenstein 3D, but I like it anyway. I consider the (very cool) drums to be the main sound is this track, so I made them a bit more dynamic by using quite a few snare samples. The kicks and snares in this track are in fact samples from the Sound Ideas sound archive :-) I did also threw in some 80's synth sequences.


Played in: map05, map13


In The Dark

Played in: map06, map12, map24


Shawn's Got the Shotgun

Played in: map07, map19, map29

I like both the Bobby Prince version from Doom 2 and the original; South of Heaven by Slayer. The drums are awesome and Bobby Prince translated this song into a very cool game track. The intensity of this track works well when it is played at the short but action packed map07 (Dead Simple), but is maybe a little too much for the more calm industrial atmosphere of map19 (The Citadel). I'll probably have to make another version of it for map19.

The Dave D. Taylor Blues

Played in: map08, map14, map 22


Into Sandy's City

Played in: map09

Another track I've hosted on my website for a while. This track is full of energy and that calls for hard hitting drums. The drums are a drum set I made on the Machinedrum and it turned out quite cool. I may use a modified version of this drum set in a future Doom track.

The Demon's Dead

Played in: map10, map16

Based on the intro to After All (The Dead) by Black Sabbath, it's the first Doom track where I've recorded and mixed it track by track. There were just too much to arrange for a one shot record. I had to remove the organ sound as any other organ but the standard Roland Rock organ sounded way off, so it was best just to change it completely.

Waiting For Romero to Play

Played in: map18, map27

A pretty twisted track based on This Love by Pantera. The JD-990 has a fairly good electric guitar sound which I modified and used for the main lead. I made a phased pad on the Virus KB for the bass which added some more creepiness to the track.

Message for the Archvile

Played in: map20, map26


Bye Bye American Pie

Played in: map23

The only track I've made so far where a real guitar is used. Martin Omnes plays the guitar. It was recorded back in 2004 and I think Martin played the guitar while all the rest was running at the same time. This is the track which sounds closest to its original; Them Bones by Alice in Chains.

Adrian's Asleep

Played in: map25

Based on Angry Chair by Alice in Chains - I just couldn't help sample some of the original song. The drums and guitar sequence from Angry Chair are blended together with the MIDI from Doom 2. The MIDI bass kick and snare is removed, but I've kept the cymbals and hats. Again I've swapped the pizzicato strings with normal strings for a better mix.

Getting too Tense

Played in: map28


Opening to Hell

Played in: map30


Evil Incarnate

Played in: map31 and at the end credits

The main organ sound here is actually a JD-800/JD-990 sound Jarre used a lot in his Chronologie album. The drums is a sample I picked out from the movie Kelly's Heroes and modified for a workable loop, just to get the proper WWII feel! Real marching soldiers are of course added instead of the MIDI gunshot sound.

The Ultimate Conquest

Played in: map32



The Doom 2 intro

Played at the start of the game


End of Level

Played at the end of each level



Played during intermission text between certain levels.