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Eminent 310 Unique


Eminent 310 Unique

The sound it makes is unbeatable and it looks cool too, a nice piece of furniture actually. This organ together with the Electro-Harmonix Smallstone phaser creates the famous Jean Michel Jarre sound. Jarre has used this organ on most of his albums, especially noticeable on Oxygene, Equinoxe and Oxygene 7-13. This particular Eminent organ was shipped to me all the way from The Netherlands (thanks Arthur). The Eminent 310 Unique organs where made by the Dutch company Eminent in Bodegraven, which also made the mother of all string machines; The Solina String-Ensemble. Eminent 310 Unique organs went out of production in the early eighties when Eminent declared bankrupt.
Here's a video of me playing Equinoxe 4 on the Eminent 310
Check out this website for info about the Eminent 310 and its users

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